Inappropriate Workplace Touching, Pt.4…

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MD and I arrived in Zürich early in the morning. We took a cab to our hotel, jet lagged, and not looking forward to spending the day sight-seeing with the client. She arranged for us to meet him in town after a brief nap, so I dropped my things in my room and joined her in hers down the hall.

I’d not been able to really sleep on the plan so I was pretty exhausted. I removed my clothes and climbed into bed, very soon on the verge of sleep as MD climbed in next to me. She immediately took my cock in her hands and began stroking me. I roused to her attention and she took me in her mouth, devouring the head of my cock with her lips and tongue while she stroked the shaft. She moaned in appreciation, relishing the taste of me and the effect her mouth had on me. My back arched and I gripped the sheet in my fists, moaning. She climbed on top of me, pressing the head against her pussy, rubbing me against her slit. She guided me inside her, dropping down hard onto my thighs, grunting as the full length entered her. She rocked and ground her hips, bracing one hand on my chest, the other furiously rubbing her clit, as I pinched and twisted and bit her nipples. She fucked me hard, and cried out as she came, her tight cunt clenching and gripping me. I grabbed her hips as her orgasm receded, picking up the tempo and thrusting upwards with my hips, fucking her back, driving my slick cock into her. I pulled out and came, spurting on to my belly as she rubbed her slit along the length of my shaft, milking me. She collapsed onto the bed next to me and we fell asleep, tangled in each other.

We arose after a few hours and went to meet the client in town. W spent the rest of the day sightseeing in Zürich which, regrettably, was disappointing due to the rain and the client’s gammy leg. At his request, we took an excruciatingly dull bus tour of the city and learned a little of its history, but all I could think about was introducing MD to fondue and then fucking her again. I would occasionally catch her eye and I could tell by the glint and the evil smile on her sexy lips that she was thinking the same.

We had an early dinner in a quaint fondue place and bid a hasty goodnight to the client. We walked briskly back to the hotel and were in her room and naked again within minutes. She pushed me onto my back, taking my cock into her mouth again, clearly enjoying herself. Throughout my life I have had the unfortunate luck to experience an awful lot of really bad head. But occasionally I would meet a woman like MD who not only possessed exemplary oral skills but clearly had an obsession with having my cock in her mouth. Not just any cock…MY cock. I’m not sure what it is but when I encounter that rare combination the cock-sucking is mind-blowing!

As much as she…as we…were enjoying ourselves, MD, ever the project manager, clearly had an agenda. “I could suck you all night,” she purred. “But I HAVE to fuck you.” She got on her hands and knees, looking back at me over her shoulder, waving her arse at me provocatively. I grabbed her hips and guided the swollen purple head of my throbbing cock against her cunt. Her lips were slippery and slick with her desire and I rubbed the head along her slit, parting the lips and pushing against her tight hole. She pushed back against me and I slid inside her, shocked at the heat of her. She grunted, wrapping her arms around her pillow, breasts mashed into the bed as her arse stuck up in the air, receiving me. I pulled her back against me, her arse slapping against my thighs, watching enraptured as my cock disappeared and reappeared from her lips. This is by far my favourite way to fuck her as it allows me to be fast and rough, exactly how she likes it. I felt her pussy clench and spasm around me over and over as I drove myself into her. I pulled her hair, wrenching her head back and slapping her arse until angry red hand prints stood out against her milky skin. I felt my orgasm approaching like a speeding train and withdrew at the last moment, pressing the shaft into the cleft of her buttocks and watching as my cum splashed onto the tattoo at the base of her spine.

Once again, we collapsed on top of each other and fell into a satisfied, sweat-soaked sleep.

To be continued…

Inappropriate Workplace Touching, Pt.3…

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The following week, MD and I found ourselves alone in a conference room waiting for a call with our client. I wasn’t sure what the aftermath of our road trip would be, but was half expecting some reluctance on her behalf to continuing a workplace affair, or at least some heightened coolness so as not to give the game away in front of our colleagues; ‘You don’t shit where you eat’, as the old adage goes. I was equal parts surprised and delighted when, after a few moments of awkward silence, she looked at me and said, “I could SO suck your cock right now.” Just then the client came on the line and she snapped straight into professional mode without so much as batting an eyelid. I myself found it incredibly difficult to concentrate on the rest of the meeting.

The client call proceeded in its typical tedious fashion and I found myself blanking out, staring at MD’s legs and hands and breasts and lips, recalling our previous interstate dalliance and not paying attention to a word that was being said.

At that point, a voice on the phone addressed me directly. “Well, P_…what do you think?” I bolted upright, scrambling to grasp even a thread of what they were just talking about. I look to MD and she smirked at me, knowing full well what I’d been doing instead of paying attention to the call. “Sorry,” I stammered. “I’m not quite sure what you’re asking me.”

“Do you think the approach we suggested is to get the result we need?”

I still had nothing. “Umm…which aspect in particular?”

An electronic sigh crackled through the speakers. “I’d have thought you’d be a little more enthusiastic about a trip to Europe.”

Bells went off in my mind and my balls. “Of course I’m enthusiastic,” I blurted. “I just want to make sure we cover the key markets so you get the best result for your money.”

“So which markets would you suggest?”

I looked to MD as she hastily scrawled three names on a pad. “Zurich…Paris…and London?”

The line went silent for a while. MD mouthed at me “Lucky bastard” and suddenly a fiendish idea popped into my head. “Before you decide,” I added. “Bear in mind I’ll need some one to accompany me to handle the stakeholders while I’m doing the research. Someone with account management experience.”

More silence. Then: “Good thinking. MD, you know this better than anyone, I think you’d be ideal for that, don’t you think?”

MD smiled at me out of the side of her mouth. “Absolutely. I’ll make the bookings today and get you a quote so you can sign off on it.”

There was some final administrative wrap-up and we ended the call. MD and I sat staring at each other. She looked like the proverbial cat who swallowed the cream. “You’re pretty proud of yourself, aren’t you?”

“That depends…” I replied.

“On what?”

“On whether or not I get to fuck you all over Europe.”

“Sorry, tiger,” she grinned. “I’m the project manager, I’m the one who’ll be doing the fucking. Are we clear?”

“Yes, ma’am!”

“Don’t call me ma’am…it’s mistress or nothing.”

The next few days went by in a whirlwind of anticipation. MD and I saw very little of each other as we both frantically made plans for our week-long jaunt to three European cities. I’d been to Paris and London before but not Zurich so I was excited to experience a new city. The client was sending one of their senior people along which would keep us professional and focused for at least part of the time, but I was fairly tingling with anticipation for the unbridled erotic shenanigans we would get up to far from the constraints of home.

The fun began almost immediately. The flight from New York to Zurich was about eight hours so we had plenty of time to torment each other with fantasies and suggestions of the things we might do to each other. Four hours in, the lights dimmed as people went to sleep and MD draped a blanket over herself. She was in the aisle seat, me by the window. We were towards the back of the plane in a row with just our seats. She leaned against me, kissing me slow and wet. She reached beneath the blanket and placed her hand on my groin, feeling how hard I was through my jeans. A small whimper escaped her lips. “Show me,” she whispered. “Take it out for me.” I unbuckled my belt and opened my button fly in one deft manoeuver, freeing my engorged cock. She wrapped her hand around the base of the shaft and began jerking me slowly as her tongue snaked into my mouth. She braced one leg against the chair in front of her, grabbing my hand and placing it between her legs. I felt the heat of her through her panties, rubbing my index finger along the length of her fabric-covered slit as she sighed and moaned into my mouth.

She pulled away suddenly. “Go in to the bathroom,” she slurred. “Think about what I’m going to be doing in the other one and finish yourself off.” We both leapt up and fairly ran to the back of the plane, each locking ourselves in one of the two bathrooms. I would have relished the opportunity to join the Mile High Club with her but an international incident on an airplane on work time would not bode well for our continued careers. I thought of her furiously rubbing her pussy, craving my cock thrusting inside her and came very quickly, cum arching and spurting. I returned to my seat and she followed soon after, face flushed, lips split by a knowing grin. She dropped down next to me, still panting slightly, and let me smell her fingers, still redolent with the sweet/sour smell of her cunt. She kissed me again and slid her arms through mine, settling against my shoulder to sleep.

To be continued…

Special Guest Post #5: “Me & She & Mr C…”

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“Me & She & Mr C.”

by Scheherezade

We got some drinks and appetizers, I thought I was nervous? Mr C, J and I. J was way more nervous than me. She had a couple more than Mr C or I…I was a little worried and it was a little uncomfortable.  But I had seen the twinkle in her eyes in her picture and it showed up again, so off we went.

Mr. C was kissing me and pulling up my skirt while she peed, I told him how much I enjoyed it when he is rough with me.  I like that his eyes are a little cold, but he is so hungry for me, I can see his lust, I can feel it radiate from his hot hands on my body, and it makes my pussy swell.

She walked out, and I didn’t want her to feel threatened, I sensed her, so I went over.  I started to kiss her, she pulled my shirt up a little. She felt my breasts, while Mr. C laid on the bed and stroked as he watched us make out. I unbuttoned her shirt and there were these breasts, so big and beautiful!! I just had to grab, they were amazing, so soft and…just wonderful, I Iicked her nipples, and nibbled a little. I dove into them as she sighed and moaned. I reached down between her legs, she was hot and I could feel wetness….

She pushed me to the bed, ok maybe not so nervous, she pressed her body against mine, I had nothing on but my tights, she had her panties on.  We kissed and felt each other, nibbled nipples and squeezed flesh. Mr. C came over and started to kiss us both, he pulled her panties off and started to finger her, I think, the way she was moaning and wiggling on top of me, I am fairly certain. Her kisses got deeper and harder as he played with her.  She started down my body, kissing and licking, pulled my tights off and said something about being out of practice.  If she was, I didn’t notice.  I gasped as her tongue hit my clit and she used her fingers to pull my lips open for better access.  I writhed and bucked towards her face, eager to have her tongue deeper and deeper.

My mind began to spin a little, a woman was licking my pussy, I looked down there she was her blonde hair framing her face, she looked up and as she did she pushed her tongue harder against my clit and I vibrated. “Oh fuck” I whispered, and as I opened my mouth Mr. C took advantage and pushed his cock between my lips.

Up to now he had been watching us and I was so wrapped up in J I was hardly aware he had moved to my side. I opened wider, obedient and needing his cock to touch my lips, to smell his smell.  His hands grabbed my head and tangled my hair and he pushed into my mouth.  My body wasn’t feeling something I had never felt before, but my brain wrapped around the idea of a woman, something I have wanted for so long. I came.

She squealed out, “Oh you lucky girl, you come so quick!” I sat up smiling and told Mr. C, it was his birthday gift, I asked what he wanted. “I want your face in J’s naughty cunt.”

So here I go, J lay back on the bed, I kissed her and worked my way down her body, spread her thighs. There she was, so different, yet so familiar. I used my fingers and ran them up and down her clit, she moaned and bucked toward me a little bit.  My tongue licked lightly, she tasted salty but good, her smell was musky, light, almost fresh. I dipped deeper with my tongue and lapped, she was wet and tasty. I licked more and harder, I slowly worked two fingers into her cunt.  Her flesh was hot and closed like velvet around my fingers.  Her lips were long and sucked them between my teeth and tongue, I tugged and sucked.

Mr C was fucking her face and then decided he wanted my pussy.  I was fingering her cunt with two fingers and my thumb, my tongue was working circles on her clit when he entered me from behind.  Mr. C started to pound away at me and every thrust pushed my face harder and deeper into J’s pussy.  She rocked under me and fingered herself, I was feeling his hard thickness and licking her pussy, I was awash in my sexual fantasy. I came.

Mr C flipped me off and fucked J, god he’s a beast, just ramming at her. I watch and start to masturbate, I can’t help it!  He is fucking her and I am getting little licks here and there at the base of his cock as it enters her. My fingers are digging at my pussy, my entire body is feeling this rush.  I came.  I laid next to Mr. C and while he stroked in and out of Js wet pussy, he fingered my cunt .  He pulled out of J and with his cock hard, literally soaked in her juice, pulled my ass up in the air and fucked me oh god so hard, Mr C showed no mercy, and just slammed into me. I felt like a beast as he grabbed my hips and raised my pussy to his mouth. And he feasted. OH god, I cried out and gushed into his mouth.  He slapped my ass, came over to the two of us and said “get ready girls, I want to cover both your faces in cum.” And well, being it is his birthday and everything, we gave him a gift…

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I’m so bad I should be in detention, Pt.2…

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I climbed off the bed and undressed. “What are you doing?” HFT asked, panting, nervous. “Please…I’ll be nice.” I wrenched her dress off, leaving her in only black panties, a fine mesh panel over her shapely arse. “I know you will,” I said. “I wouldn’t want to have to hurt you. That wouldn’t be gentlemanly.” I shoved my hand between her thighs, clutching at the hot wet core of her. She jumped. “Don’t…please, don’t.”

I rolled her onto her back. My face in her face. I pulled her hair hard and slapped her hard. “I’ll do whatever the fuck I want.” Slapped her again, harder. “Who’s going to stop me? No one knows I’m here. I can do whatever I fucking want.” I climbed off and went   around to the side of the bed. I pulled her towards me so her head dangling down. I stood over her and slapped her face with my cock. She twisted away, lips pressed close together. Slap. “Open.” SLAP! “OPEN!” Her lips parted and I shoved my cock in to her mouth. My hands on her breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples as I fucked her mouth. “Yeah, this is what you wanted…you were thinking about this the whole time in the bar, you slut…getting wet at the thought of my hard cock…wanting it…I could smell it on you…like a bitch in heat”. She gagged and choked around me.

I climbed on to the bed, kneeling between her legs. I grabbed her ankles and pulled her toward me. She kicked and tried to press her legs together but I slapped her thighs, forcing them apart. I shoved two fingers into her pussy, curled back slightly so they hit her g-spot. I fingered her roughly, she gasped, cumming as she wriggling away from me. I spread her pussy lips wide with both hands, exposing her inner lips, pink and glistening and gaping. I spat on her cunt, watching the bead of saliva run down her lips. I licked her ass with the tip of my tongue then sucked her lips into my mouth, my tongue churning and flicking. She bucked me off, knowing how much I love the taste of her, attempting to deny me. I slapped her cunt, making her cry out. Again, the sharp sound of it echoing about the room. Again and again as she whimpered and moaned. I rammed my fingers back inside her, two, then three, then four. She squeezed her legs together, her face flushed and twisted as she came hard, gushing over my hand. Gasping for breath, “It won’t stop,” she moaned. She lay back and I caressed her shaking body, coating her breasts and belly and thighs in her hot sweet glistening fluid.

“Untie me,” she ordered. I undid the carabineer  and she pushed me down on to the bed. She grabbed my hair in her fist and slapped my face hard. “My turn.” She slapped me again, harder. Straddling my chest, she lowered her pussy onto my mouth. Still pulling my hair, she ground her pussy into my mouth and nose. “My fucking turn!” I clutched her buttocks, struggling to breathe. Grinding and humping, she came quickly with a grunt, gushing into my mouth. She kissed me, tasting herself all over me, pulling my hair and biting my face. “I want that ass,” she said with a wicked grin.

She slipped a surgical glove on one hand and slathered it in lube. She began by fingering my ass, sliding one then two fingers in deeper. Eventually she had her whole hand in me, fucking my ass, her favourite way to fuck me, I stroked my hard cock while she withdrew her fist, replacing it with a curved glass dildo. She fucked me again, hitting my prostate with each thrust.

I was fast reaching critical mass. I threw her face down on the bed, pressing my cock between her buttocks. My favourite way to fuck her. Grinding and sliding against her, I kicked her legs apart, finding her wet and dripping and open, slamming into her cunt as she moaned and grunted under me. After this intense build up, dancing on the edge for so long, I didn’t last long, pulling out and spurting hot cum into her ass crack.

“I have a date, you sexy beast,” she said smiling. Then she slapped me, kissed me and sent me on my way…

To my immense delight, HFT wrote about our latest tryst on her website. Check it out to get her perspective on how things played out…

I’m so bad I should be in detention, Pt.1…

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HotForTeacher (HFT) informed me she was coming to town to attend a kinky film festival and insisted on seeing me. She had a few hours on Friday afternoon in between lunch with an ex lover and a date with a new one. We agreed to meet in a bar close to her hotel, where we would play out a game we had been talking about for some time.

Our previous tryst had involved some spontaneous rough play which both of decided we really liked. This time around things were going to be rougher…a lot rougher. While neither of us knew how it would play out or where it might end up, we both acknowledged we were turned on by thoughts of ratcheting up the physicality and violence of our fucking just to see what would happen.

A few blocks from the bar she texted me to say she’d arrived. I told her to order me a drink. “What kind?” she asked. “Surprise me,” I replied. I arrived a few minutes later to an elaborate pink cocktail adorned with fruit, and HFT’s beaming cheeky grin. She was clearly pleased with herself and the bartender’s choice of a French Martini. I took a seat at the stool next to her and took a hearty swig. “That’s pretty good,” licking sickly sweet syrup from my lips. “But a tad masculine don’t you think?”

She wore her favourite type of dress: long and fitted to her curvy body, strapless to show off her shoulders and formidable cleavage. As always, I did my best to maintain eye contact but, as always, she continually caught me staring at her breasts. Immediately we fell into our pre-agreed roles: her the flirty-yet-chaste tease, me the coy gentleman. She left the bar occasionally to step outside for a cigarette, each time kissing me upon her return, indulging my fetish for tasting smoke on a woman’s lips and tongue. Her hands wandered freely, her fingernails tracing the inner seam of my jeans along my thigh, but I refrained from touching her or responding to her flirts. “I’m not going to have sex with you.“ She was adamant. “I want to play with you a bit but when I say stop, it stops. I offered all manner of assurance that I respected her wishes, determined to convince her I was a highly-evolved gentleman.

After a few more drinks she became a little light-headed. I suggested she should maybe go back to her hotel for a nap before her date, and offered to escort her there. “I told you, I’m not going to have sex with you. I don’t do things like that.” I assured her my intentions were pure. “I’m only concerned for your safety,” I crooned. “Some men might see this as an opportunity to take advantage of a woman, but not me. I’d feel awful if something happened to you and I was the last one to see you.” She reluctantly agreed but warned I could go no further than her hotel room door.

Her hotel was just up the block and we were soon at her door. She allowed me in to use the bathroom after some cajoling and even offered me a bottle of water from her mini bar but insisted that when she told me to leave I had to leave. I emerged from the bathroom to find her laying face down on the bed. I offered to rub her shoulders to help her relax so that she might find it easier to nap. “Alright, but don’t try anything.” I sat astride her and began rubbing her back and shoulders. I pulled her dress down low on her back, assuring her it was purely for practical purposes. As I rubbed and stroked she opened her purse and removed a pair of studded leather cuffs. “Someone sent me these. I’m not sure why. I don’t wear bracelets, but I was thinking of wearing them tonight.” I suggested she would look quite fetching in them and perhaps she’d permit me to offer my opinion of how they looked before I left. “Ok, but you’ll have to help me. I can’t do them up one-handed.”

She was still laying face down so I had her put her arms by her sides, palms up. I snapped a cuff around each wrist and bent her arms behind her back. “Oh, they look great on you,” I said, quickly snapping the carabineer  on one cuff to the eyelet on the other. “Hey! What are you doing?” she cried. “I think I’ll stick around for a little longer,” I said. “Things are just starting to get interesting.” She began kicking her legs, twisting her body to roll over. I lay across her, my mouth next to her ear. “Ssshhh,’ I whispered. “Just be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you.” She struggled harder, kicking at me. “Fuck you, untie me,” she spat. I grabbed her hair and pulled hard, wrenching her head back. “Stop it,” I hissed. “I said be nice…and I’ll be nice to you.” I reached under her and grabbed her breast in my hand, twisting her nipple sharply. She yelped in pain.

To be continued…

Special Guest Post #4: “It’s Always the Quiet Ones…”

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“It’s Always the Quiet Ones”

by Scheherezade

I arrived and the door was cracked open.

He was sitting at the desk watching me on his laptop, looking at pictures of me.

It had been awhile, he was pent up and I knew it.  The thing about Mr. Cellophane is exactly why I call him that.  He looks like nothing from the outside. Plain, boring, invisible. “You see right through him”.  But he is not that at all once the bedroom door is shut, he becomes a sexual animal out to meet his needs …and mine.

I walked up to him in my work clothes, Tights, a skirt, heels.  He took his hand a slid it up my thigh, pulled the front of my tights down, and shoved 2 fingers in me, hard and rough, no pretense at all.  I gasped and sunk onto him.  Looked at the naked picture of me on the screen and started to feel my pussy clench.  My legs buckled as he pushed deeper and stared into my eyes, a glint of something was there, I saw it and I felt myself get wetter.  He removed his fingers and licked them and then grabbed the back of my neck, pulled me down and kissed me, hard. His tongue pushed into my mouth and I could taste myself. I moaned into him.

I started undoing his shirt and pants and got to my knees, tights half way down, one breast exposed, I looked at his cock, gently stroked it’s velvet skin.

“Look how hard I am for you, baby” he said in a tone I hadn’t heard before.  There was an edge, the same one I saw in his look.

“Now take it.” and with that he pushed my mouth on to his cock.  He was thicker and harder than I remember him being on our previous times together.  I started slow, but he wouldn’t let me, he bucked his hips and forced himself in and out of my mouth fast.  He then pushed my head down and held me there.  I was trying to breathe through my nose, to open my throat.  He pulled me off and I gasped for air.  My whole body burst into goosebumps and he shoved me down again.  Held me there. Pulled me off. Gagging and drooling, I looked up at him. He pushed me down again, I was determined to take it all….my head came up there was saliva and precum dripping from my face.

He kissed me again, “God” he whispered harshly “I can taste myself on you, you little slut.”

With that he pushed me up to my feet and started undressing me.

We were naked and on the bed, he pushed my thighs apart and licked a nice long lick and smiled up at me, pushed me apart by my knees, wide.  He dug his tongue in and I gasped, moaned… writhed.  He licked and sucked and probed with his tongue, while I wiggled and thrashed about.

He pulled me up and put me on my knees in front of him, my back was to a window, that led to a parking lot for the building next door, the drapes were open, the sheers were closed, but the lights were on.  He had me suck his cock some more, pulled me to standing and fingered me, sucked my tits and then said.  “There is a man watching us from his car.”

“What?  There is?” Oh god, my deep desire, to be watched, to be seen. I climbed on his lap and lowered my soaking wet cunt on to his cock.  My cheeks were on fire, my whole body burned just like I imagined the driver’s eyes were burning into me as he watched and stroked from his car.  I didn’t turn to look, I didn’t want the man to leave.  “Watch,” I thought, “watch me move, watch me fuck.”  “Wish,” I thought, “Go ahead imagine yourself under me, fucking me.”

He threw me back onto the bed.  He fingered me with 2 fingers, while he pushed his other fingers in my mouth, and held it open.  He started to say things, calling me slut and asking how hard I wanted it.  How bad I wanted it.  How much my little slut cunt wanted his fingers in me and he pushed a third inside. I groaned as my body tensed, responded and he knew it.  He had me, like a puppet, his hand controlling me.

“Come on, baby,” he growled at me. “You know you want it.” His voice was low and dark.

“I know you want it, I know how BAD.”  As he said the word, he added his thumb and pinky and stretched my dirty cunt wide.  I loved it.  I pushed down onto his hand and begged for more.  “Please,” I said, I begged, “please…..”

“I knew it, you dirty little thing, I knew you wanted me to take this cunt and tear you open.”  His face was right in front of mine.

He had never been so verbal, so dirty, so sadistic.  I responded by squirting all over him.  He pushed harder in me. Growling, he asked me to piss on him, to squirt on him to fill his mouth with my juice.   He begged.  The he pulled his hand out and licked up my cum from his fingers.

I was wet and gleaming with sweat when he climbed up my body and shoved his hot thick cock inside me.  He pushed my hair aside gently and then…

Slapped my face. Huh? What? The shock, the sting, I had hardly recovered my shock when he slapped me again.  Shoving his cock in me, harder and deeper.

“Uhh. Oh.” “God” “Fuck” he slapped me again, held my face, kissed me, his eyes were on mine, he looked deranged, but I wasn’t afraid, I didn’t feel humiliated either. I felt like he was giving me what I wanted.   He slapped my thighs and fucked me hard and then he took my throat in his hands and squeezed.  I gasped in and out, the sound of my own air hissing from my throat made me cum again.  It was a frenzy of cum and cock and pussy and mouth.

He slapped my ass, “do you like it bitch, I think you do.”

And then he did something.  He pushed my mouth open and spit in it, on my cheek and in my mouth.

I gasped, but oh god, if it didn’t turn me on.  The act, not really, if I think of it outside the moment I am disgusted.  But in the heat and frenzy of insanely, uncontrolled lust? I came, I admit it. I was so turned on you could have started a fire on me.

He groaned my name this time, “Cumming, ****, I’m cumming baby, he pulled out and sprayed hot cum all over my tits and belly.

When I showered the next morning my sore stinging lips reminded me and I masturbated furiously in the shower as the memory washed over… I hope you have a similar reaction…and then tell me all about it, or better yet, show me.

I like to watch too…

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Special Guest Post #3: “Two Men? It Happened So Quick…”

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‘Two Men’ by Scheherazade

“Have you ever had a threesome?”

“Yes, years ago but it was more 3 people in the same vicinity than a 3some”

Next email “I have a friend coming Tuesday”

Oh, ok…….

It didn’t work out the first time and so by the time we were meeting I had emailed  #2 and felt comfortable. Let’s call him “Burning Man” since the pic he sent was from there.  He seemed nice and had slept with a friend of Mr.Cellophane’s.  We had limited time, so we met at the room.

We started by kissing, quickly I was naked, exposed

Hands on me, mouths.  The problem with meeting this way is there is no starting spark, no heat built, you go in cold.  So, initially my nerves and being cold turkey made it difficult to get turned on.  But soon, the sensations took over as well as my libido, I am a slut after all.

I went down on my knees, Mr. C was as hard as I have ever seen him and Mr. B’s cock snuck over closer to my face.  Both men still had their clothes on while I was fully naked, their cocks bounced in front of my lips.  I licked one, grabbed the other, stroked and then spit on both palms and stroked some more.  Licking, sucking, swallowing their dicks.  One. Then the other, then one, then the other.  They were hard and I was getting in- between them.  I was facing Mr. C and unbuttoning his shirt, he was kicking off his pants.  Mr. B was doing the same from behind me.  I was the middle.  Being groped and fondled, licked and kissed.  I felt so much heat rising in me, my nipples were hard and my pussy was throbbing.

Mr. C sensed me and went to his knees, parted my lips and started to kiss my clit, to nibble me, I moaned and Mr. B covered my mouth with his.  Mr. B put his cock in Mr. C’s face.  Oh god, I watched as Mr. C looked at Mr. B’s cock and then he guided it to my clit, and licked both.  I couldn’t help myself I dropped back and helped him, by sharing Mr. B’s cock.  I always wanted to do this with another woman, but I kissing Mr. C as we met over the tip of Mr. B’s cock…..

Mr. B decided it was time and pulled me up, pushed me towards the bed and spread my legs.  He was very verbal.  “Oh god, look at you, you are so sexy, so beautiful, I want to taste your lips and he went down on me.  “You are so sexy, you have two men servicing your pretty little cunt” “Now spread  wider”

His words made me weak, as much as Mr. C was licking and sucking my tits and neck.

Four hands and Two mouths. So much to take in.

But I wanted cock.. NO…I wanted two cocks. I got on my knees and took Mr. C in my mouth, Mr. B proceeded to finger fuck and lick me from behind.  I rocked and moaned and came.  The first time.

Mr. C moved me to him, he entered my pussy with one thrust and I traded my mouth to Mr. B’s cock. Every time Mr. C thrust Mr. B’s cock went deeper into my mouth. We were one rhythm, thrusting and sucking and sucking and thrusting.

Things are a bit blurry as to order and what happened when or how even. So many sensations I had trouble processing.  I got on top of Mr. C and rode him while Mr. B licked me from behind and fingered my ass.  Didn’t penetrate me, but rubbed my rim and licked me. Then I turned to ride Mr. C reverse cowgirl, Mr. B climbed in front.  “Do you want two cocks stretching that pussy baby?”   The positioning was a bit awkward but he slowly pushed his cock inside me along with Mr. C’s.  I felt so stretched and full and just the thought of what was happening made me gush.

Mr. C. pushed me off and forced my legs open, he shoved 3 fingers in my pussy and 2 in my ass, I was soaked and he slide in easily. Mr. B positioned himself over my face and turned my chin towards him.  I opened my mouth automatically.

“Good girl” he said and brushed my sweaty bangs back from my forehead.

I looked down at Mr. C, my mouth full and him working me with two hands, I was wet with sweat and saliva and cum, I bucked in the air, arching my back and he shoved his fingers in me harder. He pushed his mouth against my clit, I watched his eyes and reactions the entire time. Squirting and crying out. Mr. B couldn’t take it any longer

“Ready for me girl, you sexy thing?”  He positioned himself between my legs and while he fucked me, Mr. C watched and stroked. I kept my eyes on his, it helped me focus on what I was feeling in that moment. A different cock was in me now.

I was cumming again, I must have cum at least a dozen times so far and they laid me back and got over me both cocks, stroking my face.

Mr. B talking the entire time “So beautiful” “So sexy” “You are so sexy you have two me ready to cum for you, now open up, open wide”

And I did…………………….

Two men

Four hands

Two mouths

Two cocks

And two glorious loads of cum.

Thank you, Scheherazade, you hot sexy bitch, you! If you liked what you read, leave some words of encouragement and maybe we can entice this saucy vixen back.

Got a dirty little secret of your own? Have a story that’s too hot to tell? Don’t keep it to yourself, send it to longandhard30 at hotmail dot com and share the love with your fellow pervs…


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