Inappropriate Workplace Touching, Pt.2…

Not long after our stairwell dalliance, MD and I started working on a project together. We had maintained a steady stream of IM flirting and dirty talk, and met infrequently enough for lunch so as not to arouse any suspicion amongst our co-workers, but when it came to getting together we seemed to be eternally cursed by the Gods of Timing…our limited free time never synched, and thus far we had yet to consummate the adultery, as it were. We often joked about how much easier it would be if we worked together and suddenly the fantasy became a reality.

The project we were on required us to travel to the client’s headquarters in Pennsylvania for two days of meetings. We hired a car for the trip as it was close enough not to justify a flight but remote enough that train travel was impractical. Another colleague was to come along but at the last-minute he was called out-of-town and decided to meet us there.

In the car, it was the first time we’d had to be completely alone together since the fingering incident. We spent the journey getting to know one another, flirting, talking about how often we had masturbated whilst thinking about each other and what we had done in the stairwell. Before long, we were both quite worked up. MA was driving and I was concerned she would become distracted so she pulled over into a rest stop parking lot and we made out like horny teenagers borrowing dad’s car before continuing the drive.

We arrived at the hotel with about an hour before we were supposed to meet our colleague for dinner. We hurriedly checked in to our separate rooms, conveniently down the hall from one another. I threw my stuff down and raced to her room where she peered at me from behind the door, partially hidden from view but clearly naked. She smiled and grabbed my hand, dragging me into the room and throwing me on to the bed. She leapt on me and tore my button fly open. “I’ve been dying to get at this cock,” she said, lust fairly dripping from her lips. I watched her breasts sway as she gripped the base of my cock and sucked on the head, rolling and swirling her tongue around. She lifted my hips, leaning down to lick my ass as she worked my spit-drenched cock with her fist. She attempted to work her finger into my ass but without lube there was too much resistance. I threw her onto her back and parted her thighs, pushing her legs up and back, baring her pussy, wide open and ready for me. I kissed it with my open mouth, the strong heady aroma of her filling my nostrils as the tangy taste of her hit my tongue. I pulled at her lips with mine, lapping at her, parting her wet slit with the tip of my tongue, teasing out her clit. I slid two fingers all the way inside her as I licked the swelling bud of her clit. I raised myself up, braced on my arms, pressing the thick shaft of my cock against her slit, rubbing and sliding against her, the head pressing into her clit.

Just then her phone buzzed. Our colleague had arrived and was downstairs waiting for us. Shit! “We’ll continue this later,” she said, throwing my clothes at me and pushing me out the door.

Dinner was an exercise in frustration. I was nursing a throbbing erection throughout the entire meal, sneaking my fingers to my nose and inhaling the delicious scent of her pussy at every available opportunity. Towards the end, he got up to use the bathroom. She leaned close to me, “Are we going to play again?” “Fuck yes!”, I replied, telling her that I had been smelling her on my hands all night. We stayed for dessert and one more crazy drink before feigning tiredness and calling it a night.

Back at the hotel, we fairly ran to her room. Within seconds we were naked again, falling onto the bed, mouths mashed together, hands groping and fondling. We’d already been through the foreplay…it was time to fuck! I lay on my back and she jerked my cock with one hand, rubbing her pussy furiously with the other. She straddled me and guided me inside her, dropping down onto me with a grunt. Head down, her long black hair tickling, both hands on my chest as she ground and bucked her hips in powerful gyrations. She leaned back, lifting one leg and rubbed her clit as I drove my hips upwards. “Oh I’m gonna cum,” she breathed heavily, and was as good as her word. Eyes closed, teeth clenched, tendons in her neck standing out, she came hard, the muscles in her pussy clenching around my cock. “My turn,” I said, flipping her onto her back, still deep inside her. I pushed her legs back, my hands gripping the back of her knees. I leaned forward, all my weight focused in my groin and drove my cock into her with deep hard powerful thrusts. She gripped the bedclothes in her fists, head thrashing side to side, moaning and biting her lip. I pulled out of her with a sharp cry, coating her belly in thick rivulets of come.

In the morning I awoke to her propped on one elbow beside me, gently stroking my morning erection with the tips of her fingers. “You didn’t think I’d let you go without having that cock again, did you?” I grinned and kissed her. “No, ma’am”, I replied. “We’re pressed for time,” she warned. By way of reply I pushed her onto her back, sliding into in one fluid movement, finding her wet and ready for me. Despite the exertions of the night before, we again fucked vigorously, my orgasm coming hot on the heels of hers, again concluding with me coming on her stomach. Ever the consummate professionals, we were showered and ready for a long day of meetings within 15 minutes.

To be continued…

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