Special Guest Post #5: “Me & She & Mr C…”

“Me & She & Mr C.”

by Scheherezade

We got some drinks and appetizers, I thought I was nervous? Mr C, J and I. J was way more nervous than me. She had a couple more than Mr C or I…I was a little worried and it was a little uncomfortable.  But I had seen the twinkle in her eyes in her picture and it showed up again, so off we went.

Mr. C was kissing me and pulling up my skirt while she peed, I told him how much I enjoyed it when he is rough with me.  I like that his eyes are a little cold, but he is so hungry for me, I can see his lust, I can feel it radiate from his hot hands on my body, and it makes my pussy swell.

She walked out, and I didn’t want her to feel threatened, I sensed her, so I went over.  I started to kiss her, she pulled my shirt up a little. She felt my breasts, while Mr. C laid on the bed and stroked as he watched us make out. I unbuttoned her shirt and there were these breasts, so big and beautiful!! I just had to grab, they were amazing, so soft and…just wonderful, I Iicked her nipples, and nibbled a little. I dove into them as she sighed and moaned. I reached down between her legs, she was hot and I could feel wetness….

She pushed me to the bed, ok maybe not so nervous, she pressed her body against mine, I had nothing on but my tights, she had her panties on.  We kissed and felt each other, nibbled nipples and squeezed flesh. Mr. C came over and started to kiss us both, he pulled her panties off and started to finger her, I think, the way she was moaning and wiggling on top of me, I am fairly certain. Her kisses got deeper and harder as he played with her.  She started down my body, kissing and licking, pulled my tights off and said something about being out of practice.  If she was, I didn’t notice.  I gasped as her tongue hit my clit and she used her fingers to pull my lips open for better access.  I writhed and bucked towards her face, eager to have her tongue deeper and deeper.

My mind began to spin a little, a woman was licking my pussy, I looked down there she was her blonde hair framing her face, she looked up and as she did she pushed her tongue harder against my clit and I vibrated. “Oh fuck” I whispered, and as I opened my mouth Mr. C took advantage and pushed his cock between my lips.

Up to now he had been watching us and I was so wrapped up in J I was hardly aware he had moved to my side. I opened wider, obedient and needing his cock to touch my lips, to smell his smell.  His hands grabbed my head and tangled my hair and he pushed into my mouth.  My body wasn’t feeling something I had never felt before, but my brain wrapped around the idea of a woman, something I have wanted for so long. I came.

She squealed out, “Oh you lucky girl, you come so quick!” I sat up smiling and told Mr. C, it was his birthday gift, I asked what he wanted. “I want your face in J’s naughty cunt.”

So here I go, J lay back on the bed, I kissed her and worked my way down her body, spread her thighs. There she was, so different, yet so familiar. I used my fingers and ran them up and down her clit, she moaned and bucked toward me a little bit.  My tongue licked lightly, she tasted salty but good, her smell was musky, light, almost fresh. I dipped deeper with my tongue and lapped, she was wet and tasty. I licked more and harder, I slowly worked two fingers into her cunt.  Her flesh was hot and closed like velvet around my fingers.  Her lips were long and sucked them between my teeth and tongue, I tugged and sucked.

Mr C was fucking her face and then decided he wanted my pussy.  I was fingering her cunt with two fingers and my thumb, my tongue was working circles on her clit when he entered me from behind.  Mr. C started to pound away at me and every thrust pushed my face harder and deeper into J’s pussy.  She rocked under me and fingered herself, I was feeling his hard thickness and licking her pussy, I was awash in my sexual fantasy. I came.

Mr C flipped me off and fucked J, god he’s a beast, just ramming at her. I watch and start to masturbate, I can’t help it!  He is fucking her and I am getting little licks here and there at the base of his cock as it enters her. My fingers are digging at my pussy, my entire body is feeling this rush.  I came.  I laid next to Mr. C and while he stroked in and out of Js wet pussy, he fingered my cunt .  He pulled out of J and with his cock hard, literally soaked in her juice, pulled my ass up in the air and fucked me oh god so hard, Mr C showed no mercy, and just slammed into me. I felt like a beast as he grabbed my hips and raised my pussy to his mouth. And he feasted. OH god, I cried out and gushed into his mouth.  He slapped my ass, came over to the two of us and said “get ready girls, I want to cover both your faces in cum.” And well, being it is his birthday and everything, we gave him a gift…

I said God DAMN! This sexy slut is unstoppable. If you liked what you read, leave some words of encouragement to entice this sexy bitch to commit further adulterous acts for our onanistic pleasure.

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3 Responses to “Special Guest Post #5: “Me & She & Mr C…””

  1. Petunia Says:

    Wow. Mr. C. continues to impress. Sounds like he could easily give you and J a run for the money. You had better hold on to that one.

  2. a threesome story cooked to perfection…sensuous and beautiful

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