Inappropriate Workplace Touching, Pt.4…

MD and I arrived in Zürich early in the morning. We took a cab to our hotel, jet lagged, and not looking forward to spending the day sight-seeing with the client. She arranged for us to meet him in town after a brief nap, so I dropped my things in my room and joined her in hers down the hall.

I’d not been able to really sleep on the plan so I was pretty exhausted. I removed my clothes and climbed into bed, very soon on the verge of sleep as MD climbed in next to me. She immediately took my cock in her hands and began stroking me. I roused to her attention and she took me in her mouth, devouring the head of my cock with her lips and tongue while she stroked the shaft. She moaned in appreciation, relishing the taste of me and the effect her mouth had on me. My back arched and I gripped the sheet in my fists, moaning. She climbed on top of me, pressing the head against her pussy, rubbing me against her slit. She guided me inside her, dropping down hard onto my thighs, grunting as the full length entered her. She rocked and ground her hips, bracing one hand on my chest, the other furiously rubbing her clit, as I pinched and twisted and bit her nipples. She fucked me hard, and cried out as she came, her tight cunt clenching and gripping me. I grabbed her hips as her orgasm receded, picking up the tempo and thrusting upwards with my hips, fucking her back, driving my slick cock into her. I pulled out and came, spurting on to my belly as she rubbed her slit along the length of my shaft, milking me. She collapsed onto the bed next to me and we fell asleep, tangled in each other.

We arose after a few hours and went to meet the client in town. W spent the rest of the day sightseeing in Zürich which, regrettably, was disappointing due to the rain and the client’s gammy leg. At his request, we took an excruciatingly dull bus tour of the city and learned a little of its history, but all I could think about was introducing MD to fondue and then fucking her again. I would occasionally catch her eye and I could tell by the glint and the evil smile on her sexy lips that she was thinking the same.

We had an early dinner in a quaint fondue place and bid a hasty goodnight to the client. We walked briskly back to the hotel and were in her room and naked again within minutes. She pushed me onto my back, taking my cock into her mouth again, clearly enjoying herself. Throughout my life I have had the unfortunate luck to experience an awful lot of really bad head. But occasionally I would meet a woman like MD who not only possessed exemplary oral skills but clearly had an obsession with having my cock in her mouth. Not just any cock…MY cock. I’m not sure what it is but when I encounter that rare combination the cock-sucking is mind-blowing!

As much as she…as we…were enjoying ourselves, MD, ever the project manager, clearly had an agenda. “I could suck you all night,” she purred. “But I HAVE to fuck you.” She got on her hands and knees, looking back at me over her shoulder, waving her arse at me provocatively. I grabbed her hips and guided the swollen purple head of my throbbing cock against her cunt. Her lips were slippery and slick with her desire and I rubbed the head along her slit, parting the lips and pushing against her tight hole. She pushed back against me and I slid inside her, shocked at the heat of her. She grunted, wrapping her arms around her pillow, breasts mashed into the bed as her arse stuck up in the air, receiving me. I pulled her back against me, her arse slapping against my thighs, watching enraptured as my cock disappeared and reappeared from her lips. This is by far my favourite way to fuck her as it allows me to be fast and rough, exactly how she likes it. I felt her pussy clench and spasm around me over and over as I drove myself into her. I pulled her hair, wrenching her head back and slapping her arse until angry red hand prints stood out against her milky skin. I felt my orgasm approaching like a speeding train and withdrew at the last moment, pressing the shaft into the cleft of her buttocks and watching as my cum splashed onto the tattoo at the base of her spine.

Once again, we collapsed on top of each other and fell into a satisfied, sweat-soaked sleep.

To be continued…

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