Inappropriate Workplace Touching, Pt.1…

MD is a project manager where I work. We’re in different parts of the office and rarely crossed each other’s paths. One night I was having a drink after work with one of my colleagues, and it turned out they were friends. MD came over to say hello just as my colleague got up to go to the bathroom. While we waited for her to come back, MD sat down and we started talking. We hit if off immediately and it became very apparent very quickly that there was some real chemistry between us. We were roughly the same age, had similar senses of humour, and both unabashed flirts. Just when things were starting to get interesting, my colleague came back and MD left to rejoin her other friends. Although I looked for her later when I left, I didn’t see her again that night.

The next day at work, she pinged me on our internal instant messaging system. After some initial banter, she got straight to the point (a trait I was to see a lot more of in the coming weeks). “So, last night,” she typed. “Maybe I’m wrong but I kinda felt something going on there…and I liked it…want to have lunch with me today?” I admitted to feeling something as well, praised her forthrightness and agreed to meet for lunch.

We snuck off to a restaurant near the office and over a few glasses of wine, picked up where we left off the previous night. The flirting became steadily more blatant and lascivious as we went along and before long we were both laying out cards on the table. She, although single, had a very open attitude to sexual relationships; she’d been involved with attached men before and was a frequent visitor to various polyamory get-togethers throughout the city. While she didn’t necessarily condone my keeping my extra-curricular sexual activity a secret from my GF, she sympathized with my motivations for doing so and was pretty much OK with it. Despite the fact I would never get to meet her roommate, it was pretty clear there were fun times ahead.

We stayed at lunch longer than we should have and scurried back at the office late in the afternoon. We took the stairs and before leaving the stairwell I paused at the door and kissed her. She responded with enthusiasm, moaning into my mouth, tongues entwined, and pulling my body hard against her. We broke apart with a loud wet ‘SMEK’. “We simply MUST do this again,” she said with a smile and dashed off to her part office.

Late that day I received another IM from her. “I want you to kiss me again…drink after work?” As much as I wanted to take her up on her offer, I already had plans. “No sweat…another time…until then, meet me in the storeroom in 5mins.” The storeroom was out in the main corridor and as such accessible to anyone in the building. She was waiting for me when I entered and pushed me against the door, her lips crushed against mine, her hands fumbling at my belt. “We don’t have a lot of time,” she whispered. “Someone could come in at any moment.” She wrestled my belt and button fly open, gripping my semi-hard cock in her hand, stroking it roughly as her tongue churned in my mouth. She squatted before me and took me in her mouth, eyes upturned, meeting my gaze. She gripped me firmly at the base of my shaft and sucked enthusiastically and noisily on the swollen head. I placed my hands on her head and pumped my hips gently, sighing as I fucked her mouth.

At that exact moment, someone tried to enter the room from the other side. I was leaning against the door and as they pushed it I was shoved forward, nearly toppling over MD’s kneeling form. My cock shoved deep into her throat, making her gag. We both hurriedly arranged ourselves whilst the person outside continued to push harder against the door, imagining it was blocked. At last I flung the door open and we both rushed out past the hapless guy on the other side, leaving him slack-jawed and gawping behind us.

We rounded the corner and MD grabbed my hand, dragging me into a nearby stairwell. She pulled down the front of her dress, revealing her breast and erect nipple. I latched my mouth onto it, sucking and licking and biting, my hand pulling up her short dress and delving into her panties. She was warm and wet and accommodating, parting her legs as my finger slid between her lips, curling and flicking and rubbing. She came in hardly any time at all, a stifled deep-throated moan, eyes wide, a sudden gasp. She wrapped her arms around my neck, body shuddering, panting in my ear. “Holy shit,” she gasped. “How did you do that so fast?” I smiled. “Practice.” She grabbed my jaw and kissed me hard and wet. “Anytime you want to practice some more, you let me know.” She slapped my cheek lightly and walked unsteadily back to her office.

To be continued…

2 Responses to “Inappropriate Workplace Touching, Pt.1…”

  1. Clem Says:

    your are a terrible writer

    • Wow…Clem…where to begin…I take all constructive criticism objectively, but a word of advice: if you’re going to criticize someone else’s writing then perhaps you might want to work a little on your grammar first. How embarrassing for you.

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